Background Clearances

Background Clearances

Review the information below on the Pennsylvania mandated background clearances, now required by all Pennsylvania paid employees 14 and older, which includes referees.

Links for all 3 clearances are below.  Clearances are good for 5 years. 
Clearances may take 2-4 weeks until you receive your copy. 

Once completed and the appropriate documents are received from Pennsylvania and the FBI, 

  • Existing referees should mail paper copies (NOT ORIGINALS) to:
  • EPSARC, 152 Corby Road, West Grove, PA 19390
  • New referees taking the Entry Level course should not mail them; you must provide copies to the course coordinator prior to registering for the course


  • Minors (ages 14-17) are exempt from the FBI fingerprint check if they have been a resident of Pennsylvania for the previous 10 years. But they still must complete the 2 State Clearances and a Disclosure Form.

Pennsylvania Child Protection Laws & Clearances apply to Referees too

As of July 1, 2015, all paid employees age 14 and older working in the state of Pennsylvania, that interact directly with children, are required to get background clearances.  This must be done before the first night of an Entry Level Class, and for anyone transferring to Eastern Pennsylvania from another State Association.

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To get copies of your clearances that you've already requested:

PA Child Abuse:  Log into your account to retrieve a copy
PA Criminal Check:  Use your Control # to log in for up to one year; after that you must resubmit an application (and pay).  Call 888-783-7972 for questions.
FBI Clearances: Must call 877-371-5422, provide confidential information for verification, and they'll send you a copy free of charge.



Helpful hints for the FBI background check:

  • ID CODE:
    1KG756 Employee >=14 Years Contact w/ Children
  • Review the step by step pdf document above
  • For the FBI fingerprint check, you must first register online and pay the fee.  You'll receive an email with the registration confirmation number.
  • Locate a nearby fingerprint location (listed on their website) and take that confirmation email with you.
  • They will do the fingerprint scans there (takes 5 minutes) and you will receive the results in 2-3 weeks.
  • Minors (ages 14-17) are now exempt from the FBI check if they have been a resident of Pennsylvania for the previous 10 years.   But they still must complete the 2 State Clearances and an Affidavit of Compliance/Disclosure Form.