Frequently asked questions

  • Q. I do not remember or cannot find my 16 digit USSF ID number?

  • A. Log into your EPSARC account (top right of this page).  Initially, your email is the Login email and the Password.  Once logged in click on Welcome Back.  Your USSF ID # is listed.  If you cannot login, email Joanne at office@epsarc.org.

  • Q. College exemption test for currently registered referees who need to re-cerity:

  • A. If you were enrolled in a school of higher learning (College, University, etc.) on January 1, email proof of this (Grades or Schedule or Tuition Bill) to office@epsarc.org, and you will be sent instructions on how to take the online college exemption test.  You will not have to earn the 5 hours of recertification training but you must pass the online test.  Please remember that YOU STILL MUST REGISTER with EPSARC after passing the test. If you did not start College or University until the Fall then you do not qualify for this exemption.

  • Q. I uploaded and/or mailed in copies of my background clearances, and my profile hasn't changed.

  • A. Remember we're asking this first year that you MAIL in your clearances to EPSARC 152 Corby Road, West Grove PA 19390.
    It may take up to 2 weeks for EPSARC to review and record your clearances.  Once done, the "Missing Background Clearance" message will not appear on your registration profile. (Simply uploading your clearances will not satisfy the requirement...they need to be reviewed first.)

  • Q. I have completed my registration on the EPSARC website...what happens next?

  • A. EPSARC will transmit the registrations to US Soccer the first of every month.  From there, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for US Soccer to process your registration, and mail you the Laws of the Game and a new badge. 

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