updated July 2017



U.S. Soccer Resource Center (link)

2017/18 Laws Of The Game (link)

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Instruction Resources-Considerations (pdf)

2017/18 Laws of the Game Changes (pdf

2017/18 Laws of the Game Summary of the Revisions (pdf)

New Rules for Small Sided Games (pdf

US Soccer Concussion Initiative (link

Advantage Update (presentation)

Ask Tell Dismiss (presentation)



Referee Documents

USSF Game Report (link)

USSF Game Report - Supplemental Form (link)

Fourth Official Log/Record (link)

Report Codes for Cautionable and Sending-Off Offenses (link)


Disclosure Form for Minors (pdf)

Information for New Referees (link)

USSF Game Log (pdf doc)

EPA Referee Fees  Youth   Adult
Travel Reimbursement Form (exl)